Das Reservat | Realgestalt GmbH, Berlin

Brand Design for the Creators of beautiful Gardens 


Gardens are protected places: they contribute to our health and balance, appeal to all our senses and delight us with their beauty. The DAS RESERVAT team creates inspired habitats by planning, building and maintaining private gardens.


It’s about conveying the expertise, passion and personality of one of the best garden designers in Berlin.

The Business Case: a small company in Berlin wants to present itself professionally and with style; Our Contribution: a compact brand development project with brand strategy, redesign of the word mark, comprehensive design concept and new website. Which all make the services of DAS RESERVAT appropriately and appealingly accessible. For more information, please contact Jürgen Michalski personally.



Beautifully designed gardens are best communicated with beautiful pictures: the focus is on the garden itself and details of the planting. In addition there are pictures of the expert team and a presentation of the process or the individual services. The word mark becomes an icon: DAS RESERVAT as a protected area.


About the Project

Realgestalt’s services for this project: Strategic Consulting, Corporate Identity, Brand Strategy, Concept, Text, Photo Production, Corporate Design, Brand Design, Editorial Design, Web Concept, UX Design, Website Production, Social Media Concept.