Which technology trends will shape our future? How do we advance digitalization in our society? What responsibility comes with disruptive technologies? How can we tackle global problems with local tech initiatives? These were the topics of, the business festival for tech & digitalization, initiated and organized by Bitkom, the German digital association.




The name and design already existed when Bitkom Servicegesellschaft approached us. Our task was to give the brand a clear profile, to make the design more striking, concise and vital and to make the spirit of the festival tangible in the communication. Our first act: hub became

Key Visual

Striking, with the necessary conciseness and intensity – and at the same time presenting and its program: That is the idea behind the animated key visual.

Claims and Tone of Voice

If you ask a question, you get an answer. A simple idea that we use as a guideline for the advertising motifs. With each question, we (hopefully) stimulate brief reflection, capture the target group’s attention for a second or two and invite them to delve deeper into these topics at


You only find out whether a design concept really delivers when it is implemented. In this case, we can say that the new concept for has proven itself in real life: at the event or festival itself, in all social media activities from Linkedin to Instagram, in the communication implemented by Bitkom’s team of experts and various external agencies and service providers. Bitkom holds the rights to these press photos.

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