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Communications Strategy

The communication strategy answers the question of how your company’s and/or brand’s goal can be conveyed in a way that is effective and easily comprehended. Defining the target audience, selecting media and communication formats, outlining timing and budget – we examine these factors, and the effect they have on each other, in order to create a concrete plan of action for a successful roll-out.

Situational Analysis

Communication Goals

Communications Strategy
  • Who?Target AudienceWhom should the communication reach
  • What?MessageWhat does the communication contain
  • How?Formate.g. Interview, Talk, Press Release, Video
  • Where?Mediae.g. Newspaper, TV, Twitter, Facebook
  • When?Schedulinge.g. Deadlines, Frequency, Timeline
  • How much?Budgete.g. Personnel Costs, Media Budget, Fees, Production Costs

Plan of Action

Quality Management