Swiss architectural history with a future

A name with sound and history: it goes back to the patrician Burckhardt family, whose progenitor Christoph became a citizen of Basel in 1523. 428 years later, Martin Heinrich Burckhardt opened the architectural firm Burckhardt Architekten SA in Basel. Today, the company is one of the big players in Switzerland and is represented worldwide with challenging and diverse architectural projects.


In 2022, the Burckhardt+Partner AG decided to implement a new structure for its various business divisions and companies and, as part of this, to introduce a comprehensible brand architecture, formulate a sustainable brand strategy and rethink and redesign its corporate design accordingly.

Brand Architecture

The three companies of Burckhardt+Partner AG previously operated under different names and with their own design. The new brand architecture unifies the companies under the big name Burckhardt; the respective additions (e.g. “Real Estate”) clarify the business activities. They all communicate with the same trademark and consistent design. This creates a clear image of a large, diversified and sustainable group of companies.

A powerful Logo

Anyone with such a historic asset is entitled to use it with confidence: The Burckhardt name has sound and authority and is (almost) unique. We have created an image out of it to express our self-confidence.


“Every building serves society and strengthens our togetherness.” This vision should be expressed on the website. The web concept and web design as well as the preparation and presentation of the content should bring this self-image to life.

Image style

Personal, self-confident, clear, diverse: Lena Giovanazzi has translated these three aspects of the design strategy (in addition to high-quality and future-oriented) into authentic portraits with which the Burckhardt team not only identifies, but also feel comfortable and enjoy communicating with.

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