Corporate Publishing and Social Media for the Future of Mobility.


How will we move from A to B in the future? next is Mercedes-Benz’s innovation magazine, in which Realgestalt reports on global developments, perspectives and visions that are redefining our notion of mobility. This much is clear: the future has already begun. And never were the discussions this exciting.


Development of a flexible editorial, content and design concept for the online and the print magazine next. Comprehensive support and development in order to demonstrate the brand’s claim to leadership in the Future of Mobility.

Branded Content

With Mercedes-Benz next Realgestalt is curating a magazine that explains and discusses the latest developments in mobility. Thus storytelling not only remains a rhetorical stylistic device, but becomes a component of strategic brand management. Instead of simple advertising messages, Daimler next offers content that is highly relevant to its readers in times of digitization; Content that readers really like to pay attention to. This is how Daimler positions itself as a serious brand that people commit to in the long term.

Our editorial team produces weekly journalistic articles on the future of mobility for the Mercedes-Benz AG website and for the innovation magazine next. Through our contacts in the technology industry, our own research, participation in industry events and input from the research departments of Mercedes-Benz AG, we identify relevant topics. Through reports, interviews, essays, films, photo productions and creative illustrations, we make these sophisticated technology topics accessible to the public in an understandable and attractive way.

Realgestalt scans developments in the industry and tweets the most relevant information for Mercedes-Benz AG. With next, the group is establishing relationships within the startup scene in the automotive sector and has achieved a considerable increase in perceptions of innovative topics of the Mercedes-Benz Group with more than 2 million impressions.


Can autonomous vehicles solve the traffic problems of our cities? Which mobility concepts will shape how we live in the future? How can communicating devices actually improve our lives? What benefits will intelligent logistics bring? Realgestalt works with international illustrators to give these complex questions a compelling visual expression. The result: excellent illustrations which play a central role in the identity of next and enrich the Corporate Design of the Mercedes-Benz AG. Many of the illustrations for next were developed in-house by the Realgestalt team.


The agency Realgestalt is pleased about the award “Gold” of the BCM Award (Best of Content Marketing) for the website of Mercedes-Benz next.

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