New Corporate Design for Daimler | Realgestalt GmbH, Berlin
Der Daimler Konzern mit silbernem Corporate Design - Mit der neuen Unternehmensfarbe Silber bringt Daimler seinen Führungsanspruch – Wegbereiter für die Zukunft der Mobilität zu sein – visuell auf den Punkt.

The Daimler Group with a new Corporate Design in Silver

With the new corporate color silver, Daimler makes its ambitions apparent – to be the forerunner in the future of mobility.

Daimler Corporate Design Werbung


The internal initiative was made by Gordon Wagener, chief designer of Mercedes-Benz: silver should become the characteristic color for the new appearance of the group. The branding agency Realgestalt was selected to realize Wagner’s vision.

Gordon Wagener, chef designer at Mercedes-Benz: “Silver, which is found in the brushed aluminum of our new Corporate Design, is a statement to Daimler’s status as a high-tech company, that defines the future of Automobile Design and innovation.” Would you like to see the new design in its entirety?

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Corporate Identity

Silver has a special significance in the history of the Daimler company. The legendary “Silberpfeile” (’silver arrows’) have become a worldwide code for athletic mobility. In the vehicle design, aluminum and chrome elements are used across the entire product range – in cars, as well as trucks, busses, and vans.

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Dynamic Visualized Perfectly

The combination of the silver logo with a brushed aluminum surface speaks for itself, while also serving as an unique visual marker for the company. The raised silver surface is used in various areas of the company. The diagonal line characterizes dynamic upward movement; it is a creative interpretation of the economic dynamics of the Daimler AG.

In 2007, the branding agency Realgestalt developed the Daimler logo – back then in blue written against a white background. We would be happy to share the story with you.


A Multitude of Fields of Application

The new logo remains typographically untouched, but will shimmer in polished silver letters in the future: On pylons at the factory entrance, at trade fairs, on brochures and even on stationery.

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Do you want to see a comparison of all three Corporate Design generations, which Realgestalt developed for the Daimler Group over the years?


A Logo in Third Generation

This could be unique in Germany: One steady team responsible for three design generations of a DAX company. The branding agency Realgestalt created the Blue World for DaimlerChrysler; In 2007, Realgestalt was ordered to develop a new Daimler logo (and later on a new Corporate Design). Then, in 2015, Gordon Wagener’s vision was to be implemented.

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German Design Award 2017 Nominee

The agency Realgestalt has been nominated for the German Design Award 2017 in the category “Corporate Design.”