Journeys with and for the soul

At Chamäleon, the travel planners call themselves “experience inventors.” They not only take their customers to the most fascinating places in the world, but also ensure encounters and experiences that are truly unique and unforgettable. Ingo Lies’ Berlin-based company has set out to find meaning and explanation while traveling and to distribute the world’s wealth at least a little more fairly.


For particularly demanding journeys, many still prefer to get advice by travel agencies. But this does not mean that we want to learn and experience as much as possible ourselves before and after. For this purpose, the website of Chamäleon Reisen should be reinvented: Information, planning, exploration and anticipation should be conveyed in such a way that even the website visit fulfills the requirement of a Chamäleon trip. Plus: The share of online bookings is to be increased.

Web concept and web design

Despite all the complexity that the diversity and individuality of the travel offer involves, the web experience should be designed as simple and intuitive as possible: The core of the website is to convey the travel experience in a lively and informative way through intelligent user experience.


The user experience takes the customer directly on the journey: The itinerary with the travel stops is interactive. The user moves across the globe to the most remote places. Stories and pictures show what is to be expected. Detailed information on the scenic highlights and accommodation can be looked up without interrupting the exploration. The experience advisor is always available to answer further questions. All in all, a completely new standard for travel websites with a lively presentation, richness of content and a sense of anticipation of what is to come.

Optimization of the booking process

Excellent user guidance, simplicity, clarity, conciseness and quickly comprehensible communication of all essential details in order to make significant expenditure: These are the qualities of the new Chamäleon booking process

The Chamäleon film for all channels

Traveling can be more than exotic beaches and getting away from home for a change. In this TV spot, Ingo Lies, founder and owner of the company, and two colleagues share their very personal vision of what it means to travel. The intimacy and commitment are in line with the brand’s self-image and make it completely unique in the travel market. In order to reach the 50+ target group, which has particularly high purchasing power and is willing to travel, Chamäleon relies, among other things, on broadcast slots on ZDF between the news and the weather.

A new standard for catalogs

A good travel catalogue invites you to browse, read, dream, explore, deepen and share. It creates anticipation and eagerness to embark on an adventure. We have been producing travel catalogues for Chamäleon for a few years now, and with each issue we strive to become even better. According to feedback we are on the right track.

Brand Management

Brand management means conveying a concise image of one’s own strengths and making the brand’s profile a consistent experience throughout all media for customers, interested parties, trade audiences and the interested public. It’s like a successful journey: Only when the big picture and all details are right it becomes something truely special.


Offering and selling travel experiences at the highest level requires being in close contact with customers, both travelers and travel agencies, at all time. Through the newsletters, Ingo Lies and his team address current topics and thus ensure that the bond becomes ever more intimate, closer and hopefully even more intense.

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