MBition stands for pioneering automotive software of the next generation. A team of almost a thousand employees, spread across two European locations, designs and implements the infotainment systems for future generations of Mercedes-Benz vehicles.


Together with illustrator Romain Trystram, we have found ways to visually translate the features of the various software products and make them accessible.


The new MBition website introduces users to the product features step by step, with the aim of getting as close as possible to the real user experience.


A key focus of the new MBition website is to raise the company’s profile among high potentials and get them excited about the great opportunities at MBition. The option to search directly for open positions – with extensive filter functions – adds to the value of the new website.


The animated graphics facilitate the transfer and absorption of information; they extend the time spent on the website and thus intensify the engagement with the content.

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