Corporate Design for the Digital Era

With the Fleetboard Store – a platform for telematics, sensor and logistics data – Mercedes-Benz Trucks is revolutionizing the commercial vehicle industry.



Be as radical as possible in a rather conservative industry: Fleetboard has been acting as the diagnostics and telematics services arm of Mercedes-Benz Trucks for 30 years. Now the company is redefining itself, offering digital solutions for connected commercial vehicles regardless of manufacturer.


Daimler Fleetboard’s business model has fundamentally changed and so has the new corporate design developed by Realgestalt. One thing remains the same: the name, Fleetboard.

Fleetboard Store Microsite

The world premiere at the IAA is approaching. While developers are still working on apps and the platform, the accompanying microsite, designed by Realgestal, is already online. The target audience: logistics companies, developers, and potential partners.

Corporate Design

The better freight, vehicle, and driver are connected, the more efficiently tours can be planned. On the dispatchers’ displays, vehicle positions appear as moving points. Building on this idea, Realgestalt developed a flexible grid as a recurring motif for images and illustrations.

Daimler Fleetboard NXTLoad

Empty trucks burn money. NXTLoad by Fleetboard helps the transport industry plan routes more efficiently, save money and protect the environment. NXTLoad is a metasearch engine for freight and works similar to an online travel portal. While the developers are still working in Vaihingen, Realgestalt designed and produced a video for the release.

Daimler Fleetboard Manager App

Implementing the design: The first app, developed after the launch of the new corporate design, shows how easily the style guide can be applied to future Daimler Fleetboard products.

The new Fleetboard Store

“App your Truck!” With this message, a video produced by Realgestalt shows how the new Fleetboard Store offers solutions for logistics companies that meet individual requirements.


QualityGate, Developer Portal, SDK … Fleetboard makes these terms understandable through a system of icons that illustrate complex ideas.

Daimler Fleetboard Brand Architecture

The company’s new logo is part of a naming and branding system developed by Realgestalt, which applies to all Fleetboard products – old and new. The goal: to help the Fleetboard brand grow and become well-known.

Daimler Fleetboard Brochure

In the transport industry, those who use Fleetboard’s digital products are not always the ones who purchase them. Despite collecting detailed data sets via satellite and the internet, Fleetboard’s business approach remains personal at its core. Brochures help the sales team to visually support what is being said and help commit key information to memory.

Business stationery

Logo, colors, and typography are indicative of Fleetboard’s new strategic outlook – a company that is creative, fast, intelligent, functional, reliable.

The Fleetboard Solutions

Realgestalt produces a short and comprehensive video, explaining Fleetboard’s various solutions.


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