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Multichannel Communication for a Design Retailer

Germany’s well-known multichannel distributor for everyday products, MAGAZIN.
Specializes in making life easier with its ingenious and innovative design.


In a competitive market it is particularly important to differentiate from the competition. The agency Realgestalt was responsible of giving the strong character of the brand MAGAZIN a bold external image, making the company’s offers more recognizable and unique within the market.

Style of Photography

This is how good design works: Well-designed products easily integrate into the user’s life. They should not be flashy but modest and utilitarian.

Regularly, the agency Realgestalt visits friends and acquaintances in their apartments and looks at how they live with their MAGAZIN products. In most cases, the products have become a part of their everyday life, and that is how Realgestalt depicts them: not as prestigious objects, but as part of a bigger picture, which tells you something about the life of these people.

Magazin Multichannel Communication Fotoproduktion Container
  • Magazin Multichannel Communication Fotoshooting Tisch im Wald

The Best Brand Ambassadors

Who could better advertise a product than the man or woman who created it? We invited product designers to be photographed with the product they designed to promote the MAGAZIN mail order catalog. In doing so, we also helped convey how highly the brand MAGAZIN values the contributions of their designers.

  • Magazin Multichannel Communication Markenbotschafter Moormann
  • Magazin Multichannel Communication Markenbotschafter Nüssli


For each new issue of the MAGAZIN catalogue Realgestalt finds an illustrator to help bringing the many pages of the mail order catalogue to life.

  • Magazin Multichannel Communication Illustration

From digital to real: we guide MAGAZIN in all areas of product communication, including communication at Point of Sale. We would be happy to share the full spectrum of our services for MAGAZIN with you


Trade Fairs

A well-managed brand is easily projected onto various channels, including trade fairs. For MAGAZIN, the agency Realgestalt was responsible for the creation and production of several trade fair stands.

Magazin Multichannel Communication Messe Magazin Multichannel Communication Messe

Production of the Mail Order Catalogue

Over the years, the MAGAZIN catalogue has steadily increased in size. Our services: Concept, Development, Editorial Design, Photo Production, Page Layout, Text, Final Artwork in various languages for different markets and countries, and the supervision of the production process up through the print approval stage – all in close collaboration with the customer’s team.


Do good things and share the resulting stories. The branding agency Realgestalt created a blog for MAGAZIN that introduces the thoughts and ideas of MAGAZIN to friends, partners, journalists, designers, and producers. Especially with sporadically purchased products, it is useful to stay in touch with your audience and to offer new ideas and impulses on a regular basis.

  • Magazin Multichannel Communication Magazin-Blog iPad
  • Magazin Multichannel Communication Magazin-Blog MacBook

The last mail order catalogue by MAGAZIN spanned some 224 pages. There’s work to be done!

Magazin Multichannel Communication Editorial Maulorder-Katalog Arbeitsprozess Magazin Multichannel Communication Editorial Maulorder-Katalog Arbeitsprozess Magazin Multichannel Communication Editorial Maulorder-Katalog Arbeitsprozess