Michelin is launching a B2B digital marketplace for car workshops, initially focusing on tires and rims.


Our task: brand development, including naming, brand design, web design, brand communication, sales communication and social media support.

Admittedly: The inspiration came from the band name Guns n’ Roses. We liked the rhythm of the language and the conciseness. And somehow the sound fits the target group, doesn’t it? It’s nice that the URLs were all available.

Brand Design

The new brand should be embraced by workshops. Workshops are places where you’ll find stickers with funny statements on every fridge. Based on that, we have developed an entire brand universe: concise, recognisable, down-to-earth, vital and close to the customer.

Verbal Identity

We think that car jokes are a cultural asset. The clear, direct, and often witty language makes it easier for us to build up a good relationship with the workshop staff.

Trading Platform

The central interface between brand and user is the platform where customers search for the appropriate tires and rims. The GUI putty has proven valuable for the expansion of all website areas.


Social Media

A quick look at your phone during the break: Instagram + Co. has become essential for building customer loyalty. Tips, ideas, promotions and most importantly: exchange and dialogue. There’s always something going on here.

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