Watergenics was founded in 2019 out of the frustration of having too little data for decision-making in water quality management. The economic and political implications of water quality management are vast and availability of water quality data is hence a must-have for a world society which transitions to a renewable economy. Therefore, making water quality visible anytime, anywhere has become the company’s mission.


Realgestalt supports Watergenics with strategic brand development and brand management.. This includes among others: brand strategy, brand design, new website.

Key Visual

Water is a data carrier: it carries comprehensive information within itself. Our animated key visual brings this idea succinctly to the point. Art Work: Pawel Sobolewski


The Watergenics website is the first and most important interface between the brand or company and future potential customers and / or employees. The technical development was carried out by our partners from AG Prop.


The design idea of the brand mark and the key visual is also applied to the customized Watergenics icons.

Image Style


Lena Giovanazzi has documented the enthusiasm, the passion, the competence of the international Watergenics team in pictures.

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