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New: Realgestalt GmbH

Schindler Parent Identity is now Realgestalt. In August 2011, the management team from Schindler Parent Identity GmbH – Matthias Dietz, Anne Kohlermann, Cornelius Mangold and Jürgen Michalski – purchased additional shares in Schindler Parent Identity to fully take over the agency. As of now, we are now called Realgestalt. Our address nonetheless remains the same: Kurfürstendamm 216 in Berlin. Behind the name: The name of our agency Realgestalt GmbH is a word we created that concisely defines our area of expertise: “Our work”, explains Anne Kohlermann, who came up with the name, “bestows a succinct and lasting form to the strategic corporate and marketing goals of our clients, and it provides an anchor in reality for these goals”. Our agency team remains unchanged and our contact data and telephone numbers are the same as before. However, the domain name of our email addresses has changed from “@schindlerparent.com” to “@realgestalt.de”.