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New ALBA Group Showroom Reveals Hidden Details

The current exhibition at Berlin’s Pergamon Museum “URUK – 5000 Years of the Megacity” reveals the innovations made in Uruk (now Warka in Southern Iraq) more than 5000 years ago made the cities of today possible. While the museum exhibition takes a macro approach to urban living,  ALBA Group’s Berlin recycling showroom focuses on smaller, less obvious aspects. Multimedia presentations reinforce the importance of recycling for the future of our cities, industries and society as a whole. Germany’s first ever recycling showroom allows visitors to experience, sense and understand the company’s innovative approach To recycling. The exhibition, conceived by Realgestalt, features high-tech presentations and 3D animations, as well as a touch-and-feel table of raw materials. Stop by and learn everything you never knew about recycling in today’s cities.

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