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Everybody Needs Some Help Now And Then

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From successful start-up enterprises to local market leaders and even political parties, today everybody relies on search engines and crawlers. But how can we understand how crawlers function? A crawler can be compared to an octopus – the most intelligent of the molluscs. Octopuses are known to be highly inquisitive with excellent problem-solving skills. Their eight arms are equipped with suction cups to catch their prey. A 2008 study showed that nearly 80% of Internet users in Germany make use of a search engine before making a final decision. The company, spacedealer offers Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services to steadily raise their clients to the top of the Internet ranking. But explaining how this highly complex process can help prospective clients is a highly complex task in itself! Well, how about graphically illustrating the concept to make it easier to understand? Realgestalt did just this. In the process of developing the new corporate design for spacedealer, we came up with a visual and intuitive way of explaining how SEM works.