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LOQI, a brand of beautifully designed, reusable shopping bags, is meant for anyone and everyone. But – thankfully! – we are not all the same. LOQI came to Realgestalt to get to know their customers and potential customers a bit better. Through expert workshops, we created a set of different personas for LOQI. For instance, the PRAGMATICS. They love LOQI because the LOQI products makes life just a little bit less complicated. Or the FASHIONISTAS who love LOQI because there are enough designs to match their every colorful mood.

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LOQI also needed a light touch up on their brand. We created a new brand design including logo and developed a font, which is quirky but at the same time simple and modular. Just like LOQI.

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Just recently, Jan Van Holleben came into the picture. And through his lens, LOQI became even more fun. Holleben, who is famous for his playful photography, turned the photoshoot into a game: he matched one-for-one the wild variety of designs at LOQI with his endlessly creative compositions. Working with LOQI and Holleben reminded us just how fun branding, design, and advertising can be.

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Simply put, LOQI is pure fun. That is, pure fun in the form of a kaleidoscopic collection of reusable shopping bags, little zip pockets, and luggage covers. The LOQI offices are based in Berlin and are full of light, bright colors, laughter, and different languages. The team comes from all over the world: Australia. Japan. China. Israel. France. They spend their days dreaming up cool new designs for their durable, lightweight, very usable products. But the goal at LOQI — aside from having fun and making beautiful things — is to create designs for everyone. Because as they put it, “The more people who like our bags, the more people will practice reuse, the better off we will all be tomorrow.” And we couldn’t agree more.

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Discover the LOQI universe and find your favourite bag on www.loqi.eu.

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