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Naming and Corporate Design for Berlin’s Airport

Among airport brands, there is only one where IATA-Code, destination, official name, and logo are uniform: BER.


Provide the new airport with an image based on a holistic brand strategy. Suiting the spirit of Berlin on the one hand, on the other hand being applicable to all target groups worldwide. But simultaneously, differentiating it from other airport appearances.


The branding agency Realgestalt developed a custom typeface geared specifically to airport usage. The typeface is characterized by a unique character and easy legibility.

  • Für den BER wurden von Realgestalt eine eigene Schriftfamilie und Piktogramme entwickelt
  • Für den neuen Flughafen wurden eine eigene Schriftfamilie und Piktogramme entwickelt. Beide sind optimal lesbar und erhalten durch das gestalterische Detail der Flugformen eine spezielle Charakteristik.


BER Fontentwicklung Entwurfsphase BER Piktogramme Entwurfsphase Die für den BER von Realgestalt entwickelte Schriftfamilie


With a confident reduction to a purely typographic logo, the BER design is clear, simple, and authoritarian.

Sometimes it’s quite easy to be unique: Articulate your identity (BER), choose a suiting color (red of for the state of Berlin) and create a custom font – and dispense with the obvious, such as aircraft elements, orbit graphics, runways and other platitudes with which airport brands usually operate.

Flughafenlogos im Vergleich
  • Die mit über 100 Zeichen umfassendste Piktogrammfamilie im Markt, entwickelt für den BER von Realgestalt
  • BER Corporate Design Magazin
  • BER Corporate Design Magazin 4

Even though the inauguration of the new airport is still on the horizon: The BER Corporate Design is already in use. Keep an eye out next time you land in Berlin-Tegel (look out for posters, flight schedules, website, name tags, barrier tapes, etc.).


About the Project

Realgestalt’s work for the airport BER includes the entire spectrum of Brand Development: The branding agency Realgestalt developed the strategy of the brand, or rather of the Corporate Identity, in close cooperation with the customer’s team and experts. The cooperation with the architecture studio Gerkan Marg and Parter (GMP Architects) served as the foundation for conceptualizing the Corporate Design. Realgestalt used the choice of material by GMP in the airport’s concept development for the corporate design; the dark red color of the design is related to architectural elements. Overall, the branding agency Realgestalt services for BER included: Corporate Identity, Corporate Design, Brand Strategy, Naming, Design Strategy, Design Concepts, Logo, Typography, Icons, Picture Style, Illustration Style, Business Equipment, Editorial Design, Communication Design, Magazine Layout, Brand in Space, Merchandise, and Design Guidelines.

  • BER Corporate Identity Logo 1

The two photos of the Airport building: Copyright © Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH / Günter Wicker