Das Märkische Viertel in Berlin feiert 50-jähriges Bestehen. Für die Branding Agentur Realgestalt eine Gelegenheit der drittgrößten Wohnsiedlung Deutschlands ein neues Erscheinungsbild zu verleihen.

Brand Management and Communication Design for a Microcity

The Märkische Viertel in Berlin turned 50. For Berlin’s branding agency Realgestalt it was an opportunity to give the third-largest residential complex in Germany a new image.

Märkisches Viertel Corporate Design Tasche


Unfortunately, the Märkische Viertel has been associated with a multitude of unpleasant names since its beginnings. Its 50th anniversary marked the perfect occasion to create a new image that underlines the colorful diversity among the residents.


The centerpiece of the Corporate Design is its distinctive logo. Both pieces of the circle can be reconfigured with various colors, structures, and pictures. In all variations, the logo remains bold and unique in character.

Märkisches Viertel Corporate Design Logo Märkisches Viertel Corporate Design Logo

The Logo Generator

The logo offers a number of combinations by using its two pieces. In theory, each of the 35,000 residents could have their own personalized logo. For Realgestalt, it is a symbol representing the individuality of its residents and the continuous change of the neighborhood.

The possibilities of the design are endless.

Märkisches Viertel Corporate Design Logogenerator

Corporate Design

With the new Corporate Design, the identity of the complex is reinforced and the neigborhood has been given an image that sets it apart from other residential areas in Berlin. The result: a design that is memorable and friendly at the same time – playfully light and easily understandable.

Stefan Gericke, who was initially responsible for the design project of the Märkische Viertel, told Realgestalt beforehand: ‘A few nice creative awards would be a cool thing!’ In the meantime, the design for the Märkische Viertel has been awarded more than ten times. Would you like to know which ones exactly?

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This logo opens doors to different worlds, as this little clip shows.

Communication Plan

The communication plan is meant as an overview over the individual stages of the communication actions and all planned projects. The content includes the current situation, operative goals, target groups, communication topics, methods, strategies, operative implementation and scheduling.

Furthermore, it explains the Brand Design as a concept and all possibilities of implementation.

-> Download the document as a PDF. Feel free to contact us, if we can develop a similar plan for your project.

  • Gesobau Märkisches Viertel Kommunikationsplan

About the Project

The fact that the Gesobau, a public housing company, agreed to a design concept for its masterpiece – the Märkisches Viertel – in which the Gesobau itself plays no role at all, was very surprising. But the Gesobau decision makers realized that sometimes less is more: elements of the Gesobau design were intentionally scrapped, so that Realgestalt’s striking and clear design idea could shine through with its full potential.

Our services for the Märkische Viertel include: Brand Strategy, Corporate Identity, Corporate Design, Brand Design, Design Strategy, Design Concepts, Logo, Typography, Pictograms, Icons, Picture Style, Illustration Style, Business Equipment, Editorial Design, Communication Design, Magazine Layout, Brand in Space, Design Guidelines, and Photo Production.


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