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Dynamic logos for a diverse neighborhood

In 2014 Berlin’s “Märkisches Viertel” district will celebrate its 50th anniversary as a residential neighborhood. To mark the occasion, GESOBAU, North Berlin’s social residential real estate developer, commissioned Realgestalt to develop a compelling corporate design to boost the identity of Germany’s third-largest housing complex and establish the district as a unique brand among Berlin’s universe of neighborhoods. In a commemorative book, Realgestalt teams gathered photographic impressions collected on the site to reflect the community’s daily life and spirit and use this as a basis for further elaboration.

The heart of the corporate design is its dynamic logo: a three quarter circular area with the fourth quarter spatially separated. Both surfaces are intended to be projected with new colours, textures and images for all applications. This way, all variations consistently maintain the strong symbolism of the district’s unique character and the diversity of what people call ‘home.’ Initial application of the corporate design is an impressive banner at the district’s entrance as well as its new website.

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