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Exquisite guidance

With 145,000 employees in 152 coutnries, KPMG is one of the largest auditing and consulting companies of the world. When around 850 employees from the three Berlin offices moved to the new KPMG building in the Tiergarten district of Berlin, an orientation and signage system had to be developed for the various areas, routes and rooms. This system was to harmonise with the architecture of Sir Nicolas Grimshaw and Claus Neumann. By referencing the KPMG corporate design and various materials found in the building, we came up with a sophisticated orientation system that is both precise and elegant. KMPG was impressed by our “Exquisite Furnishings” concept and we won the contract for planning, constructing and realising the project: The furniture we conceived is made of rosewood with anodised aluminium labels as well as large light-based pictograms. These have been installed as signs throughout the new KPMG building: walk this way!

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